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Fly Tying

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I have been tying flies for around a year now. I have tried just about every type of fly that can be tied, some with success, some with horrible failure. 

I attempt to tie, (when I can), around an hour a day. Sometimes I tie for much longer but find I get tired and start making mistakes, or taking shortcuts that lead to a lesser quality fly.

I have found some very useful advise in a lot of places but a lot of tying is trial and error. The one piece of advice I hold onto at all times is: 

"try to tie the best fly you have ever tied, every time"

These are some examples of Spey flies I have tied.

Red&Gold Spey.JPG (188406 bytes) Half Hackle Spey.JPG (203424 bytes)
Gold&Gold Spey.JPG (215449 bytes) Purple Spey.JPG (208920 bytes)





These are some Salmon flies that I am starting to get into now, they need a lot of work. I have discovered that the big issue with salmon flies is:

1. Getting enough information to be able to tie them correctly, (instruction is hard to come by).

2. Getting all of the tools and materials that will be needed.    

Married Wing S1.JPG (196619 bytes) Full Wing S1.JPG (185668 bytes)  

Here are some other flies